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My Personal Story

I knew at an early age that I wanted to be in service to others. I worked as a Professional Chef for 25 years. The concept that food has an energy effect on the body, beyond how many nutrients and calories, was introduced to me in 1987. I studied the concepts of vegan, macrobiotics and The Pritikin Diet.  I then opened my own health food café and began serving and selling my own dishes. After a couple of years I was looking for the next advancement in my knowledge and went to an open house at a college for Traditional Chinese Medicine. After the talk I decided I wanted to become an acupuncturist and help people more intensely. I sold my café shortly afterward and moved to Miami. I worked as a chef at the Doral at night and began my acupuncture training during the day.

I finished my studies of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1991. I helped to manage the ‘not for profit’ clinic at our school for 1 year, before purchasing my own personal practice in Delray Beach, Fl.

My purpose has always been to understand how to have my knowledge and my personal experience be used as a source to help others. I take a genuine interest in my patient’s care.  By using acupuncture, and other natural techniques and modalities, I help people to improve physically, mentally and emotionally. This helps to reestablish health, well being, and happiness. It is very fulfilling to me because this new level of well being is felt and experienced by everyone who the patient comes in contact with. Our office focuses on the total health of the individual.

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