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A Call To Change

The Winter Solstice occurred today at 12:30 am EST. During this celebration of Light and Rebirth of the Sun, we are invited to plant seeds of intentions of what we would like to manifest in the coming solar year. It occurred to me that this season is an optimal time for CHANGE.
A patient asked me the other day if I see more stress in people creating illness due to the ‘time’ of year. I thought about this and realized that what I am seeing is that there is a significant amount of change occurring in the environment that is definitely causing stress in people and thereby, creating illness. By this I mean, marriages are being challenged with divorce and separation. Work environments are more stressful because of global economic reasons. People are over reacting to the ‘call for change’. Anxiety, fear, worry and depression are more prevalent. As a healer, Doctor and business owner, I am reminded over and over aain of the importance of remaining centered, stable and aware. The challenges are constant and when I resist or see other’s resist, physical, mental and emotional suffering occurs.
People including myself, must clean up our unfinished business of the past whether, fiscal, personal, or work related. It is important to handle and commit to new beginnings and remove oneself from the compulsion to continue old patterns. I see in my life and in patient’s lives, that if we do this many gifts of health, love and financial blessings will occur. This is not just an idea to me it is validated on a daily basis from working with hundreds of patients a month and being part of the call to change myself.
We can do it, together!!


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